Smart Home Installations

Many builders admitted they had been caught off-guard by the expansion of home tech and were scrambling to keep up with the expectations of a new wave of tech-savvy homebuyers—especially as they began spending more time at home during the pandemic for work, school, and entertainment. In short, their technology needs and expectations had shifted upward, and builders were responding.

Since the inception of home automation more than 40 years ago, home electronics have evolved from a mere curiosity for the small “ahead-of-the-curve” segment of luxury homebuyers, to our current technology reality. In the 1980s, Smart House was established here at Home Innovation Research Labs (then known as the National Association of Home Builders Research Center) with the goal of bringing the disparate wiring technologies and communications protocols onto a single platform to speed up adoption. Even then, it would have been hard to imagine the direction home technologies have taken since.

With all the devices available today for a smart home, including wireless speakers, cameras, lighting, and more, it is almost impossible to understand what is required to get these devices installed and setup. We can help.

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