Circuit Breakers - Install and Inspection

Austin's older homes frequently have issues handling modern-day electrical demands. Homes built many decades ago simply were not equipped to power as many appliances and devices as residents require today. Advancing technology provides homeowners with many new products that enhance comfort and function in the home, and older homes need help powering these devices and systems.

Circuit breaker installation and upgrades expand your Austin and Leander home's electrical capacity to meet your household's electrical needs. Our high-quality and licensed electricians perform safe circuit breaker installation and upgrades to ensure your home is properly powered and safe. Call us today to schedule an appointment for professional service.

What Are the Signs I Need Circuit Breaker Upgrades?

Over time, circuit breakers wear out, sustain damage, and experience other problems that make upgrades a must. Circuit breaker problems cause seemingly minor annoyances, such as flickering lights and poor appliance performance, but these symptoms indicate the potential of major electrical problems. Bad circuit breakers put your household at risk of damage to the electrical system and connected appliances and fixtures, as well as the risk of an electrical fire.

Each of the signs mentioned below are reasons to call EES to request an appointment for electrical service. Circuit breaker installation and upgrades are typically necessary when:

  • Your circuit breaker trips constantly, even after being reset
  • The circuit breaker is hot to the touch
  • You can smell burning from the breaker panel
  • You can see visible damage, such as burned metal or frayed wires
  • You can hear buzzing, hissing, or popping noises from the breakers

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