Outdoor Living and Kitchens

Where to start?

Bringing power to your outdoor kitchen requires tapping into your existing electric system. However, there are several ways this can be done so you’ll have to determine what path you will use to get electricity from your home to your kitchen outside. This will involve mapping a route from your circuit breaker panel to the location of your outdoor kitchen. This planning can get a little tricky and involved depending on the location of your panel box and your kitchen. When deciding the best way is to get the electricity to your outdoor kitchen, you may be faced with a decision to move or alter slightly the site of your kitchen if this makes it easier to access the electricity from your home. This is when consulting with an experienced electrician can really prove beneficial. An experienced electrician can give you the pros and cons of your planned location, offer advice, suggestions, and maybe even a better option.

Dedicated GFCI Circuit Breaker

A GFCI outlet, otherwise known as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets, protects against electric shock risk. It is imperative to install GFCI outlets in areas with water nearby, such as in a kitchen, bathroom, garage, or outdoor kitchen.

GFCI outlets are needed within kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and outdoor kitchens because they monitor the amount of electricity flowing within a specific circuit. When they detect an imbalance, they shut down as a safety precaution. This prevents fire or the risk of electric shock. When setting up an outdoor kitchen, GFCI outlets must be installed by a licensed professional.

Bring in the Pros

Cooking and enjoying your meals outside when the weather permits is a great experience. And an outdoor kitchen can extend your living space and increase the value of your home, but only if it meets the proper requirements. Although there are many different styles and designs to choose and options to include in your outdoor kitchen, making sure it has the essential electric components is crucial to making it all work properly. If you’re unsure of what electrical components your outdoor kitchen needs, have questions, or want help getting it done, call the local pros at EES. We have the experience and expertise to make your outdoor kitchen set-up a success!

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